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Aerial Photography Ireland uses some of the most advanced, professional, broadcast quality flight equipment on the market today. This helps produce exceptionally stable high definition aerial film and photography. We use a variety of GPS, fail safe, waypoints and screen battery warnings to constantly keep the drone where we want it and those around it safe. Our drones are all fitted with various safety features including “Return to Home”, adhering to guidelines placed upon us by the IAA and CAA.


Using the world’s smoothest, gyroscopic gimbal we obtain “dolly-like” footage, even in windy conditions. Live video is streamed to a FPV ground station monitor and pilot’s flight console in real time. The cameraman is able to tilt, roll and pan the camera with 360 degrees as the rig’s landing gear retracts when filming.


Our fleet consists of the S900 with the GH4 gimbal, the Inspire 2 with X5s gimbal and the Inspire 1 Pro. With the majority of our work being carried out using the larger S900, the two smaller drones are ideal for flying indoors or through much tighter spaces. These smaller UAV's still offer fantastic quality with the option to film up to 5.2K so don't be put off by their size.  Additionally we also offer customers the option to capture stunning stabilised ground shots using our DJI Ronin M.



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