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Inspire 2 Filming Ireland
Siccario Heavy Lift FPV Drone
arri aerial filming



Aerial Photography Ireland uses some of the most advanced aerial platforms available on the market today. This helps produce exceptionally stable 6K video footage and high resolution photography.


Using the world’s smoothest, gyroscopic gimbal, we can obtain “dolly-like” footage, even in windy conditions. A live video is streamed to a ground station monitor in real time for pilot, cameraman, and client observation.


Our fleet consists of the S900 with the GH5 gimbal, the Inspire 2 with X5s and X7 gimbal, and a full range of FPV drones that can carry GoPros, Black Magic Pocket Cameras, and even Red Komodo's. If you would like more information on our FPV filming setup, please drop us an email in our contact page, thank you.



S900 Heavy Lift Drone
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